Exseed Dabcool W3 Kit 450mAh

Exseed Dabcool W3 Kit is a nectar-collector style portable dab tool that's outfitted with a ceramic tip to ensure you enjoy the pure flavors of your concentrates with no interference from outside tastes. Dabcool W3 Kit has a ceramic tip allowing you to dab straight out of a container or dish. That's what makes nectar collectors so great. With a powerful electric tip, say goodbye to the butane and heating up the tip manually. Comes with 6.97-inch long dab straw that delivers big clouds of flavorful vapor. It's powered by a 450mAh rechargeable battery and offers 3 voltage settings (3.4V/3.7V,4.2V). The Dabcool W3 fits easily inside a pocket, bag, or purse, making it the perfect piece for on-the-go dabbing. Included with the Dabcool W3 Kit is a micro USB charging cable, an extra atomizer head, and a silicone concentrate container. In addition, The Dabcool W3 comes with a silicone atomizer protector which makes it easy to carry around and prevents damage to your device.

Main Features:
1. 450mAh battery capacity
2. Three consecutive downshifts
3. Double-click warm up
4. Long press to heat
5. Ceramic heating head
6. Supports e-liquid, tobacco paste and tobacco
7. Optional magnetic structure bracket

Brand: Exseed
Product Name: Dabcool W3 Kit
Battery Capacity: 450mAh
Size: 177*46*46mm
Output Voltage: 3.4V/3.7V/4.2V
Colors: Gunmetal, Red, Blue, White

Package Contents: 
2 * Atomizer
1 *Mouthpiece cap
1 *USB cable
1 *Silicone box

STEP 1.Fill the glass bubbler to 1/4 level with water through the mouthpiece.
STEP 2.Attach the glass bubbler. Click the power button 5 times to start on.
STEP 3.Be sure the device is powered off before Cleaning.
STEP 4.After cleaning, allow all parts to thoroughly dry before using.
STEP 5.Do not blow into the glass while filled with water
STEP 6. Do not overfill glass with water! DABCOOL W3 supports 15 seconds hold time, after 15 seconds device will stop heating, voltage light will flash 3 times.
STEP 7.Charging: blinking red while charging, fully charged: solid green
STEP 8. Charger disconnected: flash green 3 times

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